Real housing solutions that add value to our families and the world

Housing affordability is a national crisis. Our metro is no different. By creating a new normal in home ownership, we strive to change this narrative for all members of the community.

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About Us

We are here to change the way we all live with a focus on sustainability, wellness, agriculture and community engagement.

Mission + Vision

Our mission is to enhance people's lives while building community. We are creating a path for equality and equity within the housing market by developing pocket communities of tiny homes. By collaborating with local leaders and green companies, the vision is to develop an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle..

Who We Are

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Tiny Homes are creatively designed!

Designs are very diverse, find a solution that best fits your needs and personality

Tiny house

Moveable homes

For the avid traveler

For those seeking ultimate freedom

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accessory dwelling units

A backyard retreat

A family member extension or rental

Tiny Two-storey House

Two Story family

Accomodate everyone

Where downsizing still feels comfortable

How can a small footprint help?

What if how we lived impacted our health and wellness outcomes

The average American has 200 toxic chemicals within their body! Our homes are created with hazardous building materials that directly compromise our health through common materials like insulation, flooring & furniture.

Intentionally creating homes that are built with Green, non-toxic or LEED Certified materials and products to provide clean energy and also reduce carbon emissions. Improving overall wellness outcomes for residents. We work strategically with designers to build your home as safe and eco-friendly as possible.

Homes can be built off site in a factory. Also known as modulars or pre-fab homes. Protecting the structure from outside elements. Reducing build times in a fraction of the time when compared to a traditional home. Resulting in 90% less construction material waste.

Affordable Homes in Thriving Communities.

Enhance your lifestyle

Professionals, new families, remote workers, elderly, those aging out of foster care and so many more are looking for homes that are safe, comfortable and affordable.


We appeal to those most marginalized in the housing sector

A Common Goal


  • Self-Sufficient
  • People-Centered
  • Green-Focused
  • Community Spaces
  • Like-Minded Residents
  • Safe
  • Accessible

  • Affordable Housing
  • Homeownership
  • Lease
  • Short Term Stays
  • Workforce Housing

Our Road Map


Plans to begin building


Build multiple communities starting in our backyard

Teamwork is making this dream work


Kimberly DeLaney

Executive Director

Tiny House Big Movement

Advisory Team

Bill Dusch

Steve Steinbacher

Vicie Moran

Concord, NC Mayor

Planning & Zoning Commission, chair

Criterion Healthcare, principal

Cabarrus Brewery, partner

Vicie L. Moran, CPA, PLLC

Charlotte Family Yoga, owner

Board of Directors

Hope S. Piggee

Jamie Richardson

Chris Gonzalez

Hope S. Piggee, CPA, PLLC

Blanton Commercial, Broker

Cooperative Christian Ministry,

Community Engagement

Affordable Housing

Mortgage Lender

Project Coordinators

Timothy DeLaney, Sr.

Shelanda Brown

Under Construction Remodeling


Purple Unicorn, LLC


Tiny House Festival

Stay tuned for our upcoming event in NC

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For inquires, please contact us

Tiny House Big Movement, 501 (c)(3)

866-436-7462 x700

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Contact Details

57 Union St. S.

Unit 1215

Concord, NC 28025

(866) 436-7462

Office Hours


9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Our office is wheelchair-accessible.

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